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We are excited to announce that we have been working on building a fast, solid, secure, and reliable hosting solution for websites and other online content! We are looking for people who are having problems with their current hosting and are interested in beta-testing a powerful new hosting platform.

Website Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

1 CPU Core (2+ GHz)
25GB Disk Space
4Mbps of bandwidth
10Mbps burst bandwidth
<20ms of latency

Dedicated Hosting

1-8 CPU Cores (2 - 3.5GHz)
2GB - 16GB RAM
50GB - 4000GB of SSD Storage
4Mbps - 100Mbps dedicated bandwidth
<20ms of latency
Interested in beta-testing our hosting? Please contact us, and we'll get you started!

Why choose us for hosting?

  • We are fully based out of the United States
  • We perform daily offsite backups of your hosted data
  • We will migrate your existing site to our hosting
  • You may upgrade one item without upgrading plans
  • We give you VPN access to your server upon request
  • We do not use virtual machines - meaning our servers run directly on fast hardware
  • Our SQL databases are on the same server that hosts sites, allowing lightning-fast SQL queries
  • We support most CMS platforms

  • Also, our servers and network are BLAZING fast!  Check out this example site to see how fast our hosting really is!